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ARInvoice for Android

ARInvoice for Android version 1.0 has been released!

Download the demo version using the button below. The demo is a limited functional version that is good for 7 days.

The price for ARInvoice for Android is 129.00 for the app and that will include 1 year worth of free upgrades and tech support. After that it is 79.00 a year for upgrades and tech support. The app will not quit working after a year, it will just not be eligible for any more upgrades or tech support.

Here are some details and good practice points to get in the habit of when using ARInvoice for Android.

1: To print via bluetooth, you must download and install PrinterShare from the Play Store. It is not a free application but it is only 12.95.

2: To scan VIN numbers, you need to download and install BarcodeScanner by ZXING Team. It is a free application.

3: Watch our instructional videos. View and subscribe to our youtube channel here.

4: The Android Operating System will kill processes if they are idle. What that means is if you have the app open for a length of time without using it, it will give errors when going back into it because the Android Operating System will start to delete the app's settings that are in memory. The best practice is to close any invoices screens, vehicle screens and panels screens when idle. You can always add more vehicles to an invoice by clicking on Edit Invoice on the main screen.

5: It is good practice to not use the Android back button or home button when using ARInvoice. Data is saved when backing out of the screens the correct way which is by clicking on the proper buttons that are on the screens. Pressing the Android back button or home button does not save data.

6: All registered users will be notified when entering the main screen if a new upgrade is available. When you get that notice, click on the Android help button and then click on Upgrade".