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DDC PPV Section

DDC PPV is a section of DDC that is subscription based. It contains forums and articles that are more
advanced and detailed than the regular free forums.. The list of forums it includes are:

Tech Corner - Articles written by our members that deal with laminated glass, extreme aluminum damage, shrinking, blending, large crowns and MUCH more. Example

Spotlight Dent - Step by step of actual repairs performed by our members. These are generally large dents that pushes PDR limits! Example

General PDR - 30 plus pages of General PDR questions and answers. Lists of vehicles with laminated glass and aluminum panels. The only dumb PDR question is the one not asked!

Retail PDR - Dealing with retail jobs and customers. Prepare yourself for dealing with the public!

Wholesale PDR - Dealing with dealers, wholesalers and body shops. Prepare yourself for those grumpy managers!

PDR Hail - 25 plus pages of hail repair information. Storm and networking to tools and vehicles, hail specific discussion.

Access Tips and Questions - Access questions and a database on access tips. 30 plus pages on access Q&A.

R&I Times and Gallery - A complete list of all makes and models, givivng you all needed R&I times and info. Phone friendly! Example

Tools - 50 plus pages of tool discussions. Cutting edge and old tool discussions. Many glue pulling articles!

Instructables - How to make or modify different tools and accessories. Great guides to build and modify your own lights.

PDR Quick Tips and Tricks - Rapidly growing list of tips and tricks to make everyday life easier and faster. Tips submitted by everyone in our community.

Business Projects How To - Mostly stuff dealing with the office

Business Strategies and Operations - Marketing ideas and business strategies. Get the edge on your competition!

General Programs and Companies - Information about different programs and companies. Keep up on the latest PDR industry news.

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